Electric Monk

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Cast of Characters - In Approximate Order of Appearance

(many pictures are repeats of others below)


Lt. Col. Dr. Hal Bidlack

Linda and Karl Shallenberger


Girl 6


The Amazing Randi

Andrew Mayne Harter


Julia Sweeney

Dr. Phil Plait

Dr. Ray Hall


Scot Morris


Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer and Daughters

Wednesday - Vegas or Bust

Introduction and Journey to TAM 2004

ScenerySouthern California Vista
SceneryScenery On I-15
Ms. Cleo?I Am Reminded Of The JREF Forum
VegasLas Vegas At Last
RoomRoom At The Tuscany
RoomSpacious, But With Some Issues
LobbyThe Lobby: Skeptic Central
Moe and MeMoe and I

On the Strip with UnrepentantSinner and Marc

Star TrekThe Star Trek Experience
Borg Queen Is Not AmusedThe Borg Queen
Stratosphere StripThe Strip, Near Sunset, From The Stratosphere
StratosphereI Can See The IHOP From Here
StratosphereSuburban Vegas At Dusk

Thursday - The Amaz!ng Meeting 2004 Opens

Preparations and Registration

Badges?!?Work Proceeds On Package Assembly
PackagesAssembling Attendee Packages
ShirtsThursday Morning Chaos At The Shirt Table
Registration TimeLisa And Karl Handle the Registration Tables
MerchandiseThe Merchandise Tables Are Packed With Goodies
Linda Handles the MoneyLinda Handles The Money

Defense Against The Dark Arts Workshop

Andrew and RandiSo What Are You Takin' A Picture Of?
HalThe Quest To Leave No Pun Unturned, Begins
RandiHe Knows Whereof He Speaks
Kitty And JacobNo Peeking You Two!
BlindfoldsAndrew Takes An Aggressive Approach
Pencil FunMust... Stare... Harder
Telekenisis?Dance! Dance for Me!

Welcome Reception and the Meeting Opens

Conference FrontSkeptics From Wall...
Conference Rear...To Wall

Jamy Ian Swiss and Ian Rowland

Jamy Ian SwissJamy Ian Swiss Vs. Mr Pokerface

Skepchicks' Pajama Party!

Couch TripThe Scene On The Couch - Who Let Bigfoot In?
Friendly MoeOooh, Silk! - Pesky UFO!
Among FriendsBack To The Couch - Hey! Down In Front!
SecurityCommemorative T-Shirt - Don't Look For It On eBay

Rick Maue - Theatrical Sťances

Rick MaueRick Maue Describes His Early Sťance
and FriendsThe Audience Is Filled With Magicians

Friday - Science and Magic

Dr. Michael Shermer - Science of Good and Evil

Lt. Col. BidlackLt. Col. Bidlack, From A Safe Distance
Dr. Michael ShermerDr. Michael Shermer On Good And Evil

Dr. Eugenie Scott - NCSE's Fight Against Creationism

Dr. Eugenie C. ScottDr. Eugenie Scott Of The NCSE
Dr. Scott And MePicture With A Hero Of Mine

Hervey Peoples - The ABC's of the Evolution Controversy

Ms. Hervey PeoplesMs. Hervey Peoples On The Evolution Controversy

Peter Bowditch - Quackery Down Under

Peter BowditchPeter Bowditch - Australian Skeptics

Banachek - Mentalist and Project Alpha Member

Banachek Gets MilkBanachek Gets "Milk" From Julia Sweeney
Banachek And JuliaJulia Assists Banachek With The Phone Directory
Project Alpha VideoPsi Researchers Fooled...
Project Alpha Video...Precautions Rejected

Penn & Teller

Penn & TellerTeller & Penn Take The Stage
Polyester ScarfBeiersdorfer Twin In A Polyester Scarf
Sans Scarf...And Is Freed
TellerTeller Swallows Needles
Holy RelicAn Official Penn & Teller Holy Relic

Panel Discussion #1 - Bringing Skepticism to the Masses

The PanelPanel Members (l to r): Penn, Teller, Randi, Phil Plait, Hervey Peoples, Michael Shermer, Bob Park, Steve Barrett, and Eugenie Scott
SegnosaurSegnosaur Asks A Question

Dinner with Randi

RandiRandi With Diners
Linda Shallenberger Solicits OpinionsLinda Solicits Opinions
JuliaOur Table Has Julia For Dessert
JuliaWe Discuss Julia's Talk For Saturday
AndrewAndrew Is Serious About Education
HalHal Lets Down His Hair

Saturday - Two On The Ramparts, A Personal Journey, and Light Entertainment

Dr. Bob Park - Guarding the Gate: The Seven Warning Signs of Voodoo Science

Bob ParkDr. Bob Park: Sentry On The Walls

Dr. Steve Barrett - On the Quackwatch

Dr. Steve BarrettDr. Steve Barrett, Quackbuster

Dr. Phil Plait - More Amaz!ng Astronomy

Dr. Phil PlaitDr. Phil Plait Starts With A Joke
Bad AstronomyA Yearbook Of Bad Astronomy
Phil And RandiWould You Buy A Used Planet From This Man?

Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God: My Beautiful Loss of Faith Story

Ms Julia SweeneyHow To Recognize Julia Sweeney From A Long Way Off

Dean Cameron and Victor Isaac - Nigerian Spam Scam Scam

Dino And VictorSetup Issues
Dean CameronDean Cameron Plays Himself
Victor/MariamVictor Isaac As Mariam Abacha
Victor/AbayomiVictor As Dr. Donald Abayomi
Mr SnickersMr. Snickers Returns From The Groomers
Code"The Code"

Lance Burton

Lance BurtonLance Burton Performs
Magician's EggDemonstrates Use Of A Magician's Egg
EscapeEscapes From A Straightjacket
Lance And RandiLance Burton And Randi

Panel Discussion #2 - Skepticism & the Entertainment Industry

Second PanelSecond Panel (l to r): Randi, Penn, Andrew Harter, Julia Sweeney, Jamy Ian Swiss, Ian Rowland, and Dean Cameron
Second PanelJulia Has Something To Say, Is Penn Listening?

Card Tricks: The Final Frontier

RandiThe Amazing Randi's Long Distance Card Trick
Ed LuAstronaut Ed Lu Is Ready
RandiYour Card Was The Seven Of Diamonds

The Chocolate Challenge and Girl6's Party

DinnerDinner In Marilyn's Cafe
ChocolateChocolate Arrives
Girl 6Girl 6 Dances to Her Own Beat
CompetitorsThe Competition Builds
Girl 6 and KittyNHGirl 6 and KittyNH on the Dance Floor
Nearly ReadyGood Enough To Eat
Scott PreparesSkepticScott Prepares For The Carnage To Come
PartySo, Let's Party!
DancingDancing The Chocolate Away
Quinn And LizardQuinn Takes Over
QuinnQuinn Plays In His Avatar's Style

Sunday - Papers Cover Rocks

Lt. Col. Matt Morgan - The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Lt. Col. Matt MorganLt. Col. Matt Morgan And The Second Law

Dr. Ray Hall - Science and Pseudoscience

Dr. Ray HallDr. Ray Hall On Science Vs. Pseudoscience

Dr. Dave Ewalt - Skeptics and the Media: Making Your Voice Heard

Dave EwaltDave Ewalt Making His Voice Heard

Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer - The Magic of Crystals

Dr. Ray BeirsdorferDr. Ray Beiersdorfer And Friend
ShempShemp Made It To The Conference
ChakrasUhh... The Seventh Chakra Is Not On The Ankles
Big CrystalsBig Crystals, Or Tiny People? You Decide.

Auctions of TAM 2004 Artifacts

BulletPenn & Teller Bullet Winner Scot Morris
Poster 1Poster #1 Winner, Paul Anagnostopoulos
Poster 2Poster #2 Winner, Mark Pickenheim
Penn & Teller Fire PermitPenn & Teller Fire Permit Winner - Richard Kadena
Ian RowlandIan Rowland Proposes Auctioning Off Julia's Home Phone Number

Mr. Randi Closes The Amaz!ng Meeting

RandiThe Amazing Finale
HalHal is Boarded

Field Trip to Red Rock Canyon

NavigationPlanning The First Stop
DirectionsThen Drive Until You See Some Rocks
First StopWhose House?
DomesDiscussing the Arden Domes
Group ShotRapt Attention From The Group
Second StopNext Stop, The Gypsum Mine
Light And ShadowSome Beautiful Desert Scenery
Red RocksRed Rocks At Last
Superposition DefiedA Fault Lies Behind These Hills
Not MeBut It's Not My Fault
Visitors' CenterRed Rock Canyon Visitors' Center
Red RocksRed Rocks Much Closer
CrossbeddingCrossbedding Of Ancient Buried Sand Dunes
TextureAmazing Texture
WyvernWyvern Tries On A Renata Pose
Stop Plate TectonicsArcticpenguin Supports A Cause Close To His Heart
PictoglyphsHandprints On The Wall
PetroglyphsCarvings From Long Ago

Pirate Lad Leads the Way to the Strip

Cozymel'sStart With A Full Stomach
SťanceLisa Conducts A Sťance At Cozymel's
AliensArea 51 At The Mandalay Bay

Monday - Last Adventures and Goodbyes

Dam Tourists

WarningA Warning In Little Need Of Enforcement
TunnelTunnel To The Power Source
GeneratorsGenerators - Nevada Side
ControlsWhich Button Do You Suppose Turns Off Las Vegas
QuizA Skeptical Quiz Need Better Controls
The DamThat's One Big Chunk Of Concrete
Power PlantsThe Power Plants Are Far Below
ColoradoThe Colorado River Resumes Its Journey
MonumentHoover Dam Construction Monument
InscriptionInscription On The Monument
MemorialMemorial To Those Who Died During Construction
Mascot MemorialMemorial To The Construction Mascot
The GroupTAM Dam Tourists (l to r): Segnosaur, Patricio, MarkB, and Byzantine Magpie

The Mirage - Dolphins And Tigers And Slot Machines, Oh My!

DolphinMy Pool, My Rules
Dolphin On CruiseSleep-Swimmer
Looking OutHow Much Is That Dolphin In The Window?
TigerCat Nap
Tiger PoopNo Comment
Tiger DipIn The Lap Of Luxury

Tuesday - Home, Home Again: The Return from Planet X

The Trip Home and Final Thoughts

TuscanyGoodbye To The Tuscany
HillsNevada Hills
Alien JerkyFresh Alien Jerky, Yum!
More HillsThe Hills Of Home
JesusIn The Fog, I Find Jesus
LightAnd See The Light
HomeI Like To Be Here When I Can

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