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The first Amaz!ng Meeting was so much fun, I had to do it again. For anybody reading this who is not familiar with the James Randi Educational Foundation, you can find all about them by visiting its website.

The links below connect to pages for individual events or speakers, with one or more full-sized pictures. If you would like to see all of the pictures without surrounding text, there is a link at the bottom of this page which has all of the pictures as thumbnails with links to the full-sized pictures.

First, let me express my appreciation to all those involved.

Photos With Commentary:

Cast of Characters

1. Wednesday - Vegas or Bust

a. Introduction and Journey to TAM 2004

b. On the Strip with UnrepentantSinner and Marc

2. Thursday - The Amaz!ng Meeting 2004 Opens

a. Preparations and Registration

b. Defense Against The Dark Arts Workshop

c. Welcome Reception and the Meeting Opens

d. Jamy Ian Swiss and Ian Rowland

e. Skepchicks' Pajama Party!

f. Rick Maue - Theatrical Sťances

3. Friday - Science and Magic

a. Dr. Michael Shermer - Science of Good and Evil

b. Dr. Eugenie Scott - NCSE's Fight Against Creationism

c. Hervey Peoples - The ABC's of the Evolution Controversy

d. Peter Bowditch - Quackery Down Under

e. Banachek - Mentalist and Project Alpha Member

f. Penn & Teller

g. Panel Discussion #1 - Bringing Skepticism to the Masses

h. Dinner with Randi

i. Penn and Teller Perform at the Rio

4. Saturday - Two On The Ramparts, A Personal Journey, and Light Entertainment

a. Dr. Bob Park - Guarding the Gate: The Seven Warning Signs of Voodoo Science

b. Dr. Steve Barrett - On the Quackwatch

c. Dr. Phil Plait - More Amaz!ng Astronomy

d. Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God: My Beautiful Loss of Faith Story

e. Dean Cameron and Victor Isaac - Nigerian Spam Scam Scam

f. Lance Burton

g. Panel Discussion #2 - Skepticism & the Entertainment Industry

h. Card Tricks: The Final Frontier

i. The Chocolate Challenge and Girl 6's Party

5. Sunday - Papers Cover Rocks

a. Lt. Col. Matt Morgan - The Second Law of Thermodynamics

b. Dr. Ray Hall - Science and Pseudoscience

c. Dr. Dave Ewalt - Skeptics and the Media: Making Your Voice Heard

d. Dr. Ray Beiersdorfer - The Magic of Crystals

e. Auctions of TAM 2004 Artifacts

f. Mr. Randi Closes The Amaz!ng Meeting

g. Field Trip to Red Rock Canyon

h. Pirate Lad Leads the Way to the Strip

6. Monday - Last Adventures and Goodbyes

a. Dam Tourists

b. The Mirage - Dolphins And Tigers And Slot Machines, Oh My!

7. Tuesday - Home, Home Again: The Return from Planet X

a. The Trip Home and Final Thoughts

Photos And Captions Only - No Commentary