Electric Monk

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Jamy Ian Swiss and Ian Rowland

Jamy Ian Swiss had performed at the first Amaz!ng Meeting, and I was glad to see him return. He has a very smooth style, and his mentalist card reading work is great to watch.

Jamy Ian Swiss
Jamy Ian Swiss Vs. Mr Pokerface

Swiss would have volunteers think of a card, and would then narrow down the type of card, getting few "no" responses, until he had divined the exact card. He followed this by having an audience member blindly choose a set of cards for a poker hand. In this case, a large number of cards were chosen, and Swiss was able to call out each of the cards in the hand, making, as I recall, only one miss.

Next on stage was Ian Rowland. I'm not posting any pictures of his act, since he has made it clear that his performance is copyrighted by him, and no pictures may be posted without his permission. I had seen Ian's performance at the Skeptics Society lecture last year. This was a smoother performance, I thought than the earlier one. He had reduced the motivational speechmaking portions which I had disliked, and both his patter and the cold reading skills he demonstrated seemed more refined.

Rowland did forget about completing his Nail-In-The-Head stunt, but quickly finished after some brief announcements from Hal.

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