Electric Monk

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Pirate Lad Leads the Way to the Strip

Back at the Tuscany, those of us staying on were struggling to figure out what to do with ourselves.

Start With A Full Stomach

The first need to be met was for food. A group of us, including Lisa, Wyvern, Arcticpenguin, Chaos, Sparklecat, Patricio, UnrepentantSinner, SkepticScott, and I headed out away from the Strip for a nice meal. Our first choice, P.F. Chang's was packed with people already, so we settled on a place we spotted on the way, "Cozymel's", serving Americanized coastal Mexican food. (Scott decided against Mexican food, and headed out on his own.)

Lisa Conducts A Sťance At Cozymel's

And again we found ourselves back at the Tuscany. This time, we heard, (unfounded rumor as it turned out), that Renata and another group were coming back at 9 pm, to gather a larger group and head for the Strip. At 9, Girl 6 got a barely audible voicemail from Renata, apparently saying that they were not coming back after all. This called for an immediate discussion, and hesitation, and debate.

Fortunately, with the help of Pirate Lad, we were able to get a group moving out the door and towards the Strip. We decided to hang a left at Las Vegas Blvd, and head towards the MGM and Luxor area. As we walked, Pirate Lad let us in on his new hobby, collecting the escort service girls' photos being handed out, in an effort "to find the ugliest". We passed the Bellagio, while the fountain show was in progress. It was impressive in scope, but ultimately it was just a water show. We kept moving.

There were other things to see along the way, but our first real stop was at the New York-New York hotel. As a theme hotel, it just was not all that exciting. There were simulated New York street scenes, and, well, that was about it. One thing that MarkB couldn't pass up, though, was the rollercoaster. It seemed like it might be fun, so I joined him. The rest of the group decided to sit this one out. I'm not much of a rollercoaster fanatic, but this one was a good long ride, with plenty of drops, turns, a loop and a corkscrew.

Soon, we were on our way again. While MarkB and Wyvern checked out the M&M's World store nearby, the rest of us toured the Excalibur hotel.

Area 51 At The Mandalay Bay

From the Excalibur we traveled to the Mandalay Bay Resort, and then finally to the Luxor, where we boarded the wildest and cheapest ride yet: the taxis back to the Tuscany.

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