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Card Tricks: The Final Frontier

Following the panel was a treat from Randi. Shown publicly for the first time, was a video tape put together by the JREF documenting the first card trick in space.

The Amazing Randi's Long Distance Card Trick

During a visit to the Lunar Sample Laboratory, Randi talked with astronaut Ed Lu, who was scheduled to crew aboard the International Space Station, starting in April 2003. Randi proposed to do a card trick from earth to ISS, and Lu agreed. Lu would need to get permission to bring a sealed deck of cards, and would know nothing else about the trick until the actual performance.

Ed Lu
Astronaut Ed Lu Is Ready

It was only at the end of his mission that there was an opportunity to perform the trick. After hurried preparations that included gathering some journalists at the JREF as witnesses, the stage was set. Connected by a phone link, both Randi and Lu unsealed and shuffled their decks of cards. (Lu had more difficulty in this, due to the microgravity.) Then both Lu and Randi selected a card without looking at it, and replaced it upside down in the middle of their decks.

Your Card Was The Seven Of Diamonds

Once they both were ready, Lu fanned out his deck and found the card to be the seven of diamonds. Randi opened his deck to reveal that only one card was reversed, and it was the seven of diamonds!

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