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Mr. Randi Closes The Amaz!ng Meeting

Our final speaker of the conference was The Amazing Randi, himself.

The Amazing Finale

Randi called TAM 2 "a pretty good success". (I'd call that an understatement.) He announced that Julia Sweeney would be back for TAM 3, and that Richard Dawkins might be a speaker.

Randi apologized for not participating in the forum more often but explained that his schedule prevented it. I think that Mr. Randi is most urgently needed out in the "real world" and not spending time on the forum, however much we would enjoy his presence.

In response to the frequent accusation that conferences like this were merely preaching to the choir, Randi responded that we preach to the choir so that the choir can sing the song of reason to the rest of the world.

Randi was pleased to see many women present in the audience, and called it a very healthy sign. A goal for TAM 3 will be to encourage even more women to attend.

Hal is Boarded

There was just one final order of business before adjourning. Randi announced that Hal Bidlack was being appointed to the JREF board of directors. Congratulations, Hal!

In response to a question from the audience, Randi said that he would be putting three examples of the protocols used in previous preliminary-round tests for the $1,000,000 prize. He also related the story of obtaining a sample of the sprinkler water believed to have been what created the "Virgin Mary" apparition on a bank building in Clearwater, FL. The water source was housed in a locked box, but Randi modestly allowed that he "knew something about locks", and was able to get a sample. It was sent to the NIH for analysis, the results of which should be available shortly.

With that, the Amaz!ng Meeting 2 was over.

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