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Preparations and Registration

In the morning, I returned to Hal's room to help with the final preparations. With some fresh supplies in hand, the last of the packages were assembled, and the missing pieces were fabricated with the help of Josť Alvarez. Mr. Randi showed up to help out and see how things were progressing.

Work Proceeds On Package Assembly

The major task of the morning, it turned out, was putting the tickets to the Friday night Penn & Teller performance into the correct packages. Linda called off names and numbers of tickets, Hal separated the tickets, and Chris and I worked to put the tickets in the folders. Chris is a mean alphabetizer, and I was hard pressed to keep up with him.

Assembling Attendee Packages

With everything ready to go, and half an hour to spare before registration began, we got help from the hotel staff and moved all of the materials down, over, and up to the conference rooms. With the small taste I got of the work that has gone into making this conference happen, I am very appreciative of the job done by the JREF regulars.

Registration Time
Lisa And Karl Handle the Registration Tables

After all of that work, registration seemed to go smoothly while I was there. I heard later that only one person was missing his Penn & Teller tickets, and that it was sorted out quickly enough.

Thursday Morning Chaos At The Shirt Table

Each attendee received a free TAM 2 t-shirt, and a raffle ticket. No explanation was given for what was being raffled off, so I was trying to take advantage of this by offering to take the tickets off everyone's hands. I had no luck at all with this. (Lousy, good-for-nothing skeptics...)

The Merchandise Tables Are Packed With Goodies

The merchandise tables were set up inside the conference room this year, which made purchases possible throughout the day, and allowed Linda to actually see most of the conference presentations instead of being stuck out in the hall.

Linda Handles the Money
Linda Handles The Money

Sales seemed to be pretty brisk, and by the end of the conference, there was little left on any of the tables.

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