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Hervey Peoples - The ABC's of the Evolution Controversy

Ms. Hervey Peoples continued the theme of creationism in society with a look at what the American public believes about human origins, and why they believe it. She pointed out that typical opinion polling on origin questions force a choice between two options, evolution with no room for God, and creationism, resulting in a majority reporting creationist views. When polls offer a third choice of evolution guided by God, a moderate view emerges with 60-70% of the public endorsing the scientific evidence that life evolved, but reserving some role for God.

Mainstream religions in the US teach that their faith is compatable with the scientific evidence. These people need to be seen as allies of the scientific viewpoint.

Ms. Hervey Peoples
Ms. Hervey Peoples On The Evolution Controversy

As examples of how widely the pace of evolution can vary, Ms. Peoples compared the bat, which is nearly identical to its 50 million-year-old ancestors, to the sequence of whale evolution where we see a steady progression in the shape of the animals from land-dwelling to ocean-dwelling.

Ms. Peoples closed with a quote from Professor Huston Smith, "The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder."

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