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Dave Ewalt - Skeptics and the Media: Making Your Voice Heard

David Ewalt is a working reporter, and the founder and editor of the website, DroppingScience.com. His address was on how skeptics can contact the media, or bypass it, to make themselves heard.

Dave Ewalt
Dave Ewalt Making His Voice Heard

Tips for letters to the editor: Be polite and constructive. Give evidence, sources, and website links for follow-up. Keep the letter short. Address the letter to the right person, typically the reporter for the story and his or her editor.

Ewalt noted that there is an appropriate time for using vinegar instead of honey. Sometimes ridicule is the best weapon available, and it may have an effect even when the letter does not get published, since the reporter may not want to get a letter like that again. On the other hand, it is just as important to give praise when warranted.

It is also possible to get one's own stories published. Again, they need to be sent to the correct reporter or editor, they should provide conclusions, sources, and your contact information.

If none of this is working, it is now possible to become the media, through the use of the web, by making a website or by writing a web-log, or "blog".

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