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The Chocolate Challenge and Girl6's Party

Saturday was the party night for the JREF forum, organized by Girl 6. Since we had forum members coming from all over the world, it was decided to take advantage of this by having each bring chocolate from his or her country, and holding a competition to decide the best in the world.

Dinner In Marilyn's Cafe

But first, dinner and discussion at Marilyn's Cafe. It wasn't the best food, but it was the closest!

Chocolate Arrives

Meanwhile, at the party in the main lobby, people and chocolate were slowly arriving. By the 9:00 time for the Chocolate Challenge, the skeptics dominated the lounge and lobby areas. There were skeptics drinking, dancing, and most of all, sitting around and talking!

Girl 6
Girl 6 Dances to Her Own Beat

The Competition Builds

Girl 6 and KittyNH
Girl 6 and KittyNH on the Dance Floor

We were still missing some judges and entries, but SkepticScott was starting to get things organized. The chocolate table was moved from the lounge to the hallway to give more room around it for the judges to gather, and to move it away from a crowd that was spending noticeably more time eyeing the chocolate by the minute.

Nearly Ready
Good Enough To Eat

The time had finally come. The judges were given their blindfolds, and they lost no time in demonstrating what several of them had learned in the workshop, namely how to peek out of a blindfold. It rapidly became clear that blindfolding was going to be too much to handle in the rather chaotic environment caused by all those chocolate fumes, and so they were abandoned.

Scott Prepares
SkepticScott Prepares For The Carnage To Come

The judges got to work sampling the entries. Jamy Ian Swiss was an impromptu judge, and was also astounding the crowds in the lobby with a truly beautiful display of card manipulation. When the judges had been given enough of a chance to come to their conclusions, the remaining chocolate was made available for everyone to try. When all was said and done, the results were:

  1. Scharffen Berger - 7 votes
  2. Van Otis - 6 votes
  3. Galaxy - 5 votes

With that done, it was time for the party to get moving.

So, Let's Party!

Dancing The Chocolate Away

The lounge lizard in the corner supplied the music, and JREFers were dancing all over the lounge. Meanwhile, out in the hallway, SkeptoBabe was showing us some slight-of-hand with rubber bands, and how to bend spoons.

Quinn And Lizard
Quinn Takes Over
Sample #1

Late that night, our one man band packed up and left, so Quinn took a seat at the piano and wowed the remaining skeptics with one tune after another.

Quinn Plays In His Avatar's Style
Sample #2

It was getting to be about 2 in the morning, but none of us wanted to leave because it was so much fun listening to Quinn play. Thanks Quinn!

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