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Dean (Dino) Cameron and Victor Isaac - Nigerian Spam Scam Scam

Dino and Victor presented a comic reading of emails from an exchange between Dino and a Nigerian scam artist. For anyone unfamiliar with the Nigerian email scam, it is usually presented as a plea for help with the movement of a large amount of money. A sizeable fraction of that money is offered as an inducement to help. The catch is usually that you will be required to send the scammer a fee for some part of the transaction. These people can also be very dangerous if confronted in person.

Dino And Victor
Setup Issues

There were some setup issues at the beginning, but we were soon under way again.

Dean Cameron
Dean Cameron Plays Himself

What Dino did was to try to string along his would-be scammer with outrageous delaying tactics, and to attempt to reverse the scam and get a "token of good faith" from the scammer.

Victor Isaac As Mariam Abacha

Included in his emails to "Mariam Abacha", her son, and to "Dr. Donald Abayomi" were deliberate misunderstandings, misspellings, and humorous American cultural references which would sail right past his Nigerian correspondant.

Victor As Dr. Donald Abayomi

Eventually, Dino had convinced the scammer that he was in talks with yet another Nigerian presenting a similar deal, except that the other fellow (Dr. Abayomi) had sent some earnest money. The scammer then pretended to be Dr. Abayomi and tell Dino that he should work instead with the Abachas.

Mr Snickers
Mr. Snickers Returns From The Groomers

The material presented was only part of the full conversation, which is available on Dean Cameron's website. They are also working to turn this into a play.

"The Code"

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