Electric Monk

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Lance Burton

Lance Burton is the headlining performer at the Monte Carlo Hotel, and favored us with a brief but entertaining performance.

Lance Burton
Lance Burton Performs

To begin, he commented on the Masked Magician, and said that the reason why we haven't heard from the Masked Magician in a while is that Lance had killed him. Lance explained that you should always start with a joke, and if you don't know a joke, confess to a murder.

Magician's Egg
Demonstrates Use Of A Magician's Egg

Lance showed everyone how to do a simple handkerchief trick, using a "Magician's Egg". At the end he added a twist, turning the false egg into a real one.

Escapes From A Straightjacket

After describing a method for torturing slot machine players, Lance moved on to a straitjacket escape. A volunteer from the audience strapped him in, and he was able to escape within a few minutes without any shoulders being dislocated, as Houdini was reportedly able to do.

Lance And Randi
Lance Burton And Randi

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