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Peter Bowditch - Quackery Down Under

Peter Bowditch was next to the lectern with a report on the fight against quackery in Australia.

Peter Bowditch
Peter Bowditch - Australian Skeptics

It seems that groups against vaccination, hospital-births, and Cesarean Section are prominent in Australia. Groups such as these and other purveyors of quack remedies are buying advertizing space in parent-targeted magazines with monthly circulation reaching over 100,000 Australian families, a significant number in a country of about 20 million. Ads promoting a product are supposed to have an approval number from the government, but it was found that only one ad in a typical magazine had the approval.

To date, it has not been possible to get regulators to take action against quack medical devices. An example where the goverment did take action was against Pan Pharmeceuticals, where the production of all of its remedies was shut down.

The conclusion of the talk was hopeful, Bowditch's final slide reading "Resistance is not futile".

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