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Auctions of TAM 2004 Artifacts

The next order of business was for Karl Shallenberger to conduct auctions of various TAM 2 artifacts, to raise more money for the JREF.

Penn & Teller Bullet Winner, Scot Morris

The first item on the block was one of the bullets from the Friday night Penn & Teller bullet exchange trick. It was won by Scot Morris for the amount of $800.

Poster 1
Poster #1 Winner, Paul Anagnostopoulos

JREF forum member Paul C. Anagnostopoulos won the first of two posters for $500, which feature the signatures of every TAM 2 speaker.

Poster 2
Poster #2 Winner, Mark Pickenheim

The second poster was taken by the second-highest bidder on the first poster, Mark Pickenheim, for $450.

Penn & Teller Fire Permit
Penn & Teller Fire Permit Winner - Richard Kadena

The final item was the fire permit required for Penn to perform his fire-eating at the Tuscany, signed by Penn and Teller. It was won by Richard Kadena for $400.

Ian Rowland
Ian Rowland Proposes Auctioning Off Julia's Home Phone Number

Following the auctions, Ian Rowland came up to the lectern for a few minutes. He started by offering to auction off Julia Sweeney's home phone number. Rowland then asked for everyone's support for his work to teach his mind power courses.

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