The Amaz!ng Meeting 2003

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Journey to JREF and the Wednesday Discussion Group

Hotel lobbyRenaissance Fort Lauderdale/Plantation Hotel Lobby
Me in front of JREF signSkepticScott and I Arrive at JREF
Looking into the libraryWednesday Discussion Group in the Asimov Library
From the other end of the libraryAndrew Harter Makes His Point

Kennedy Space Center

Getting There

KSC group in the lobbyGathering in the Lobby. Left to Right: markb, Charlie in Dayton, Segnosaur, Finella, Lisa, Girl 6, Shadowman, SkepticScott and RichardR. Not Pictured: budddyh and myself
Parking signOK, Everybody Remember Where We Parked
After buying ticketsOutside the KSC Entrance

Rocket Garden

Rocket Garden entranceEntrance to the Rocket Garden
Saturn IBSaturn IB Rocket
Apollo 11 gantryThe Actual Gantry Used by the Crew of Apollo 11
Three in a capsuleCharlie in Dayton, myself, and Segnosaur in an Apollo Capsule Mock-Up

Early Spaceflight

Mercury capsuleFirst Unmanned Mercury Capsule Launched 19-DEC-1960
Gemini capsuleGemini Capsule Flown by Thomas Stafford and Gene Cernan 3-JUN-1966
Early mission control center - leftMission Control Center for All Mercury Flights and First Gemini Flight - 1961-1965
Early mission control center - rightRight Half of Same Control Center

Launch Complex 39

Launch pad testing facilityLaunch Pad Testing Facility
Sections of Apollo launch towerSections of the Apollo Launch Tower
Shuttle external tank bargeBarge That Carries the Shuttle's External Tank from Louisiana
Crawler-TransporterShuttle's Crawler/Transporter - One of Two
Crawler-Transporter cleatSingle Cleat (One of 456) for Crawler/Transporter - Weighs 2000 Pounds
Launch pad 39/ALaunch Pad 39/A - Front View
Launch pad 39/A and hydrogen tankLaunch Pad 39/A - Opposite Angle, with Hydrogen Tank and Water Tower
Launch pad 39/BLaunch Pad 39/B and Crawler Path Leading to It

VAB and Landing Facility

Vehicle Assembly BuildingThe Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and the Launch Control Center (White Building on Right)
Vehicle Assembly BuildingThe VAB - 55 Stories Tall
VAB Group PhotoAll of Us in Front of the VAB
Landing stripLooking Down the Shuttle Landing Strip
Control towerNew Control Tower for Shuttle Landings

Apollo/Saturn V Center

Apollo 8 consolesActual Consoles Used for Apollo 8 Launch
Saturn V enginesEngines on Saturn V First Stage
Saturn VLooking Down the Entire Exhibit
Apollo command moduleApollo Command Module
Apollo-Soyuz capsuleActual Apollo Capsule from the Apollo-Soyuz Mission
Apollo hatchMechanisms on the Apollo Capsule Hatch
Moon rockSample of Lunar Mare Basalt Collected by Jack Schmitt on Apollo 17
Inside the LEMInterior of the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM)

Shuttle Explorer

Shuttle ExplorerShuttle Mock-Up, Explorer
Payload bayInside the Payload Bay
Mid-deckShuttle's Mid-Deck: Storage Compatments and Crew Seats
Flight deckShuttle's Flight Deck

Astronaut Memorial Part 1

Memorial flowersFlowers for Challenger Crew
Apollo I namesNames of Apollo I Crew on Space Mirror
Challenger namesNames of Challenger Crew on Space Mirror
Memorial inscriptionInscription on Memorial Marker Across from Space Mirror
Space mirrorThe Entire Space Mirror
<I>Girl 6</I> and astronaut biographiesGirl 6 Reads the Memorialized Astronaut Biographies

Astronaut Memorial Part 2 and Return to JREF

Reflecting pondReflecting Pond at the Astronaut Memorial
Memorial plaquePlaque on Reverse of Astronaut Memorial
Space mirror mechanismThe Engineers Examine and Speculate Upon the Space Mirror's Mechanism
AlligatorIs This a Real Alligator or a Sculpture? Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Alligator testingScott, Girl 6 and Mark Devise a Test for the Alligator
<I>Girl 6</I> knittingGirl 6's In-Car Project

Thursday Night Internet Webcast

Laptop in libraryI Flew 3000 Miles to See the Internet Show Like This??
Watching the showOK, That's a Much Better View!
In the conference roomEven Better, and Without a Time Delay: Girl 6 and Lisa Answer Your Email
Luciana NeryLuciana Joins the Show
Charlie's presentsCharlie Presents Randi with Homeopathic Root Beer Throat Soothers

Friday - The Amaz!ng Meeting Begins

A Jerry Andrus illusionJerry Andrus 'Holds Court' with His Illusions in the Hotel Hallway
Jerry Andrus, <I>buddyh</I> and <I>Finella</I>Jerry Andrus Demonstrates an Illusion for buddyh and Finella
WaresYes, We Have Books for Sale
Conference roomA Full House for the Opening Session
James RandiRandi Welcomes Everyone; I Need to Get a Better Seat Tomorrow!
Jamy Ian SwissJamy Ian Swiss as Master of Ceremonies
Jerry Andrus and NutsJerry Andrus Show Us His Big Twisted Pair of Nuts
Jack HorkheimerJack Horkheimer (Star Hustler/Gazer) Talks on 'Cleopatra's Star'
Jack Horkheimer and Samuel ClemensJack Horkheimer Cites Samuel Clemens

Buehler Planetarium and Observatory

Buehler planetariumExterior of Buehler Planetarium
ObservatoryExterior of Observatory
Observatory interiorInside the Observatory with Associate Director Ms. Susan J. Barnett (Left) and the Bad Astronomer (Second from Right)
Albertson'sMidnight Food Scavenging Expedition Leads to Albertson's
Food locatedGirl 6, Phil Plait, and Sid Rodrigues: Foraging Successful
Checking outThe Bad Astronomer Chooses Two Apples and a Bagel, and Pays the Price

Saturday - The Main Events

Saturday morning in the hallwayLinda Shallenberger Closes a Sale While Hal Bidlack Uses a Chair to Beat an Unidentified Volunteer Unconscious
James RandiRandi Officially Opens The Amaz!ng Meeting
Michael ShermerMichael Shermer Describes 'Provisional Ethics'
Michael ShermerShermer Proposes an Evolutionary and Social Basis for Our Moral Intuition
Shermer and RandiShermer Receives His Plaque from Randi


ColumbiaAttendees Gathers Around TV in the Hallway to Watch the News on Columbia
ColumbiaRandi and Others Listen and Reflect
ColumbiaThe Mood is Decidedly Solemn: Columbia and Crew Are Lost

The Meeting Resumes

Dan GarvinDan Garvin's Talk on His Experiences in Scientology for 25 Years is Cut Unfortunately Short in Trying to Get Back on Schedule
Bad Astronomer, Phil PlaitPhil Plait's Highly Entertaining Planet X Talk
Planet XEverything You Need to Know...
Timetable of DoooooomPhil Explains the Highly Unusual Planet X Orbit as Described by the Believers
Hal BidlackHerr Professor Doktor Colonel Hal Bidlack (Did I Get That Right?) Explains the Need for Standards in the War on Terrorism
Jack LatonaJack Latona on Creating the Future of Skepticism

Homeopathy and Men in Tights

Daniel 'Chip' DenmanDaniel 'Chip' Denman Describes the Testing Process Used in the Attempted Replication of Jacques Benveniste's 'Digital Biology' Experiment
Randi and DenmanRandi Presents Denman with Plaque
Speakers' PanelSpeaker's Panel: Randi, Chip Denman, Jack Latona, Dan Garvin, Phil Plait, and Michael Shermer - Moderated Expertly by Hal Bidlack
Jerry Andrus and IllusionsJerry Andrus Sets up Two More Optical Illusions During the Dinner Break
General HamiltonGeneral Alexander Hamilton is Quite Confident
General HamiltonGeneral Hamilton Will Explain it to You Patiently, Using Simple Words
Bob CarrollBob Carroll Tones It Down 20 or So Notches to Describe the War on Science

Randi Entertains and Teaches

The Amazing RandiThe Amazing Randi Takes the Stage
Randi's SuperpowersRandi Forms an Orb of Pure Energy Around His Right Hand
Matchbox TrickRandi Makes a Matchbox Stand on End to Demonstrate How Easily Even Rational People Can Be Fooled
Card TrickRandi Determines the Cards Sealed in an Envelope
Moment of TruthQuick, While Nobody's Looking
Correct!Randi Gets It Right - No Guessing Involved

Randi's Rope Tricks and After-Hours Video Festival

Randi and volunteersPlease Check this Rope
Rope is tiedKnotting in Progress
Hands are boundNo Way to Escape, Or Is There?
Randi escapesRandi Amazes Even Himself Sometimes
Another bindingOK, Let's Try It This Way Then
Randi escapesLet Me Help You With That Jacket - Randi Escapes Instantly
And is still boundAnd Then Is Instantly Bound Again
And Escapes AgainAnd Then Escapes Instantly Again
After hours videoWaiting for South Park and Penn & Teller

Sunday - Reaching Out

Hal Bidlack and plaqueBidlack Presents Himself a Plaque: Could Not Be More Deserving
Andrew HarterAndrew Harter Shares Insights Into Teaching Critical Thinking to Kids
Andrew's plaqueHey! My Name Is Not Spelled 'Hal Bidlack'!
Skeptic groupiesLisa Goodlin Leads a Panel to Discuss Starting Local Skeptical Groups

Mystery Guest

Mystery guestOur Mystery Guest Arrives
'Carlos'It's 'Carlos'! ...
Jose Alvarez... AKA Jose Alvarez
Questions for the guruJose Alvarez and Carlos Answer Questions, Ambiguously at First

Papers, Please - Part 1

Sunday BrunchSkeptics Fill the Hotel Restaurant for Brunch Buffet
Meeting is a Hoax!Phil Plait Has a Startling Announcement: The Amaz!ng Meeting Is All a Hoax!
Andrew/Jared...And Andrew Harter is Jared! Does He Know That Hal Bidlack is Drew Carey?
Prof. Ray HallProfessor Ray Hall Left No Doubt That the Earth is Billions of Years Old
Jim UnderdownJim Underdown, Director of CFI-West Explains the Cold Reading Techniques of TV Psychics
Jim Underdown...And Describes Investigations of These Shows

Papers, Please - Part 2

Girl 6Girl 6 Describes the JREF Forum
Randi, <I>Girl 6</I> and CharlieGirl 6 and Charlie Present Randi With a Gift on Behalf of the Forum Members
Randi's new hat...It's a Klein-Bottle Hat...
Randi's new scarf...And a Mobius Strip Scarf!
Randi posesWhat a Ham!
Linda Shallenberger's PlaqueLinda Shallenberger Receives Very Well Deserved Recognition; Now Take a Day Off!
Prof. Charles WynnProf. Charles Wynn Is Made Nervous By Hal Bidlack
Prof. Jeff CoreyProf. Jeff Corey Presents a Study of The Wason Card Problem, to the Consternation of Several Attendees
Greg WinslowGreg Winslow Investigates Penta Water

The Journey Home

Michael ShermerMichael Shermer is Everywhere!

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