The Amaz!ng Meeting 2003

Electric Monk - Randi's Rope Tricks and After-Hours Video Festival

The Amazing Randi then gave a demonstration of his escape-artist abilities.

Randi and volunteers
Please Check this Rope

First, two volunteers from the audience were chosen to come up on stage and examine the short length of rope Randi claimed to have procured from the hotel.

Rope is tied
Knotting in Progress

Next, they tied Randi's hands behind his back.

Hands are bound
No Way to Escape, Or Is There?

Once they were satisfied with their knotting, they stepped back and let Randi comment on the process for a moment.

Randi escapes
Randi Amazes Even Himself Sometimes

Then Randi turned to face the audience, made a few more comments, during which he pointed casually into the audience. He was free!

Another binding
OK, Let's Try It This Way Then

So if his hands could not be tied behind his back, perhaps his hands could be tied to his legs while sitting in a chair. The volunteers try their best.

Randi escapes
Let Me Help You With That Jacket - Randi Escapes Instantly

But as soon as they place a jacket over his hands, Randi is free, and helping them put the jacket over him properly.

And is still bound
And Then Is Instantly Bound Again

The best part about this trick is that when the assistants pull the jacket away, Randi is once again tied up as before.

And Escapes Again
And Then Escapes Instantly Again

Finally, Randi escapes for good, the volunteers are thanked, and Randi concludes the evening's festivities.

After hours video
Waiting for South Park and Penn & Teller

Following the conference for the second evening in a row, was the unofficial video show. This time I stayed and watched the programs. First up was the John Edward episode of South Park, followed by the first episode of the Penn & Teller show. These two I had seen previously, but both were just as good on re-viewing.

The added attraction for Saturday night was the second episode of Penn & Teller, fresh from the VCR of a local attendee. This one was about alternative medicine, and Penn & Teller really came though with this episode. It was hilarious!

And then it was time to call it a night...

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