The Amaz!ng Meeting 2003

Electric Monk - Thursday Night Internet Webcast

Scott, Girl 6 and I made it back to the hotel with about 15 minutes to freshen up, change and head out to the JREF for the Internet Webcast. Since Girl 6 was planning to hijack the broadcast, we did not want to be late. We arrived just as the show was starting.

Laptop in library
I Flew 3000 Miles to See the Internet Show Like This??

Most of us gathered in the library to watch the show on Andrew Harter's laptop. It was both amusing and irritating to be so close to the source, but still seeing the program the same way as I do at home. There were some technical difficulties at first in getting the display to work in full-screen mode, but Andrew came out and got it working.

Watching the show
OK, That's a Much Better View!

Still, it looked considerably better from a distance. That's Luciana to the right of the screen, and RichardR on the far left. Hal Bidlack was rotating people into the conference room from the library in small groups.

Much of the early discussion centered on whether or not the show was on the air. Following this, Randi covered his trip to Korea and Taiwan, discussing the fairly pathetic feats displayed, and recounting the discovery of a high-frequency EM generator in one claimant's sandal.

The folks in the Asimov Library were enjoying the show, particularly the several references to their presence, even when not flattering as to their technical abilities (Thanks, Andrew).

In the conference room
Even Better, and Without a Time Delay: Girl 6 and Lisa Answer Your Email

Toward the end of the show, it was finally my turn in the conference room / broadcast booth, and I took several pictures so that I would know what I was looking at when I got back home and could only see this in low resolution. Lisa and Girl 6 were already there, and started answering emailed questions.

Luciana Joins the Show

A short while later, Luciana joined the show, and the polite and rather mild hijacking of the show got into full swing. Girl 6 was unable to persuade Randi to say that he loved Colloden, but it was the attempt that counts.

Charlie's presents
Charlie Presents Randi with Homeopathic Root Beer Throat Soothers

Charlie in Dayton then came in to present Randi with Professor Moonbeam's Homemade Homeopathic Rootbeer-flavored Larynx Lotion and Lozenges. Girl 6 capped the show by planting a kiss on Randi's forehead, and we were off the air.

Following the show, we all wandered about the hallways, talking about all the usual things, and meeting others who had shown up in the mean time. After about half an hour of this, Hal Bidlack began hinting that it was time to close up for the evening, and so we departed for our various homes and hotels.

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