The Amaz!ng Meeting 2003

Electric Monk - Kennedy Space Center - Getting There

KSC group in the lobby
Gathering in the Lobby. Left to Right: markb, Charlie in Dayton, Segnosaur, Finella, Lisa, Girl 6, Shadowman, SkepticScott and RichardR. Not Pictured: budddyh and myself

By 7am, eleven of us had gathered in the lobby, and introduced ourselves. We split into 3 groups and headed for a nearby Denny's for breakfast. It was here that buddyh had the idea that will change the face of skepticism forever. What it was I do not now recall. But it was a great idea. Really.

After eating, paying, and seriously overtipping in lieu of figuring it out exactly, we headed out on the road. For some reason, the two smaller cars were packed with four people each for the three hour trip, while the enormous Lincoln held only Scott, Girl 6, and myself. Maybe this had something to do with buddyh's idea.

Parking sign
OK, Everybody Remember Where We Parked

Along the way, I kept busy by discovering new ways in which to estimate our remaining distance to KSC, until Scott asked me to stop. So, I mostly read the paper and conversed with Scott about the interesting bits, and Girl 6 napped until our turn-off in Titusville.

The Vehicle Assembly Building is huge, and visible for a long way off. Once we saw it, we began looking for the turn-off to the Visitor Complex. It was quite a bit further, and the VAB got quite a lot bigger before we arrived, and still the VAB was five miles away.

We parked close to the sign pictured above. Now, I'll admit that to the naked eye, the "1" on the sign is not actually visible, but with the correct filter, and some digital enhancement, I was able to get it to show up. I know this is the correct way for the sign to read, because within two minutes it had attracted all three cars full of skeptics.

After buying tickets
Outside the KSC Entrance

After a brief debate over the correct tickets to purchase, and a somewhat longer stand in line, we entered the Visitor's Center where we were thoroughly screened for prohibited items. From there, we split into groups with different priorities, and I went with the larger fragment toward the tall, pointy, shiny things to the left.

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